2013 Parade of Homes

We’re proud to announce our collaboration with Romanelli & Hughes for this year’s parade of homes in Jerome Village.  We’re excited about the design of the home and anticipate a great response from the parade visitors.  Below is a sneak peek of our Craftsman inspired design.2013 Parade Elev

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Fire Rated I-Joists

With the new 2013 Residential Code of Ohio being enforced starting January 1, many buildings are looking for solutions to the fire rated floor requirement that will result in a drywall ceiling being required in the basement with engineered floor systems.

A non-drywall ceiling solution is now available:

F.P. Supply is currently taking orders for TrussJoist TJI floor joists with FLAK Jacket fire coating.  The coated I-joists will meet the new 1-hour fire rating requirement and allow you to avoid applying drywall to the basement ceiling.  They will perform the same, existing hangers and fasteners can still be used, and typical pennetrations for electrical and piping are allowed as before.

Currently available are TJI 110, 210, 240, 360 and 560 joist series.

If the drywall ceiling seems too daunting a prospect, and re-designing the floor system and supporting structure for convential framing is not an option, this is a great solution.

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New Residential Code – RCO 2013 Effective January 1st

The new residential code for Ohio, RCO 2013 has been approved and will be effective January 1st.  It’s based on the 2009 IRC with some language from the new 2012 IRC.  Our previous code was based on the 2003 IRC, meaning we’ve effectively skipped the 2006 edition, and this resulted in a good amount of changes overall from our previous Ohio code to the new code.

Below are a few of the major changes discussed at a recent COCOA seminar that will directly affect new home construction permitted after January 1st:

1. Sprinkler systems will NOT be required for residential construction.  This is Ohio specific language, as they are required in the IRC.  The concession Ohio made to avoid this was that we will now be required to have a fire resistant floor system over the basement.  To achieve this, all basements with engineered floor joists MUST have either OSB or 1/2″ drywall applied to the underside of the first floor joists.

2. The new energy code will be in effect, and minimum R values have been increased.  To meet the prescriptive methods, new homes will be required to have 2×6 exterior walls OR 2X4 walls with R10 continuous foam insulation on the exterior to meet those minimum R value requirements.

3. Wall bracing requirements for wind are much more detailed and complex to calculate.  Hold down connectors will be required near corners if minimum widths are not met.  Tall wall requirements are also more stringent.  If two-story great room walls are required to have wall bracing in them, due to the length or floor plan layout, only an engineered system will be acceptable, such as Simpson Strong Walls or Steel Portal Frames.

Don’t let the new code changes catch you un-prepared.  Prospects you are talking with now may be subject to the new code by the time permits are ready to be pulled, so make sure you budget for any changes that will affect the overall costs of construction.  We will be here to answer any questions you have and help make the transition as painless as possible.

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2012 Parade Home Photos

Below are photos of our 2012 Parade Home, the “Mill House” built by Miller Troyer.  The photos are courtesy of Rob Turner of Architectural Perspective, who specializes in residential photography and 3D illustration.  “Thanks Rob!”

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

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2012 Parade Home

The parade is over and it was a great experience for New Avenue.  Our thanks goes to Miller Troyer Custom Homes for the opportunity to create a design for this years Parade.

Our home did very well receiving awards for architecture, landscaping, study, master bedroom, lower level, and special feature.  We also received all three people’s choice awards for architecture, landscaping and interior design (a first for the Parade!).  The feedback from all the visitors I talked to was extremely positive.

So congratulation to Miller Troyer, Crimson Design Group, and Hidden Creek Landscaping.  We made a great team, and it showed!

Check back as I’ll be posting a photo album and video of the Parade house soon.


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The 2012 Parade is Here

The parade home is being judged today so keep your fingers crossed for “The Mill House” and Miller Troyer Custom Homes.  All the hard work has finally come to an end and the team couldn’t be more excited to show off our creation.

Cheryl from Crimson Design Group has done an amazing job with the “modern farmhouse” interior design work.  Cheryl also brought in Hammond Harkins Galleries to provide all the artwork throughout the house.  Hidden Creek Landscaping has done a great job with our exterior spaces as well.

It’s been a great experience working with Troy from Miller Troyer Custom Homes and Cheryl from Crimson on the design of the home.  It was a team effort and overall, I couldn’t be happier with how everything has turned out.

The Parade of Homes will be open to the public this coming Saturday, the 16th, and will run through the 1st of July.   I hope to see you out there!



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Award Winning Home

We’ve had the opportunity to work with Castlestone Homes on a number of custom model homes and homeowner specific designs in the past few years, including “The Chateau Lafite” built recently in the Pinnacle subdivision in Grove City and currently being used as Castlestones Homes model and office.

We received the BIA “Best of the Best Home Design” award at the 25th annual MAME Awards this year for the design.  We are also currently working on a customized version of the Chateau Lafite for a new homeowner client to be built later this year.

We’re looking forward to continuing our partnership with Castlestone Homes and creating new and exciting designs.

Next to appear will be our Southern Colonial home in Tartan Ridge and a custom Georgian home in Pinnacle down the road from the Chateau Lafite.



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