Fire Rated I-Joists

With the new 2013 Residential Code of Ohio being enforced starting January 1, many buildings are looking for solutions to the fire rated floor requirement that will result in a drywall ceiling being required in the basement with engineered floor systems.

A non-drywall ceiling solution is now available:

F.P. Supply is currently taking orders for TrussJoist TJI floor joists with FLAK Jacket fire coating.  The coated I-joists will meet the new 1-hour fire rating requirement and allow you to avoid applying drywall to the basement ceiling.  They will perform the same, existing hangers and fasteners can still be used, and typical pennetrations for electrical and piping are allowed as before.

Currently available are TJI 110, 210, 240, 360 and 560 joist series.

If the drywall ceiling seems too daunting a prospect, and re-designing the floor system and supporting structure for convential framing is not an option, this is a great solution.

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