NEW AVENUE has decided to put its money where its mouth is.  Having served on the Central Ohio Green Building Initiative Committee at the BIA over the past 3 years or so, Rob Miller (a certified NAHB Green Building Verifier) and Brent Racer (a certified NAHB Green Professional), both partners in the firm, decided to dive into GREEN TRANSPORTATION.  As Rob performs many of the site inspections for the company, he now drives a Chevy Volt, the #1 car in their fleet.   “The VOLT provides better than 115 mpg so far in our first 10 days of service going to jobsites…and our clients are noticing our focus on Green Technology and Design even more”, says Rob Miller.

For more information on how New Avenue can design your home or place of business to be Green – or if you just want to inquire about the VOLT and how it operates, feel free to contact Rob or Brent at New Avenue.  Brent says, “The more we can live our daily lives in a more green fashion, and the more we can teach our clientele, the more impact we are going to have on the world.  We feel this giant step is a move in the right direction and makes us a leader in our industry.”

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